Electrolux Warranty Terms

Check the warranty terms for your Electrolux Solar Module

Warranty documents

The Electrolux brand stands for the highest quality. To underline this, we offer all Electrolux customers extensive product and performance guarantees. Below you will find the current product warranties – just click on the product name.

Warranty Terms Description

Dear Customer, welcome to the new and improved serial number check.

The optional extended warranty offers end customers in selected regions additional warranty benefits with an extended warranty period. This optional extended warranty is only available for newly purchased Electrolux solar modules through official distribution channels and from dedicated installation partners.

On this website you can confirm if your Electrolux solar module has been sold including the extended warranty (please click here for more information). When your serial number cannot be found, the modules are covered by the standard warranty terms. In case you have bought an extended warranty but your serial number cannot be found here, please get in touch with your installer or distributor.

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