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AEG Warranty Check

Check the warranty of your AEG Solar Module

Extended Warranty

Dear Customer, welcome to the new and improved serial number check.

The optional extended warranty offers end customers in selected regions additional warranty benefits with an extended warranty period. This optional extended warranty is only available for newly purchased AEG solar modules through official distribution channels and from dedicated installation partners.

On this website you can confirm if your AEG solar module has been sold including the extended warranty (please click here for more information). When your serial number cannot be found, the modules are covered by the standard warranty terms. In case you have bought an extended warranty but your serial number cannot be found here, please get in touch with your installer or distributor.

Serial Number Check

All you need to do is enter the serial and press “Search”. All information about your solar module will be displayed (including details about your warranty). This service is currently only offered in English; other languages will follow.
This service is offered by Solar Solutions Warranty & Services Limited (“Solar Solutions W&S”). The full terms and conditions of the optional extended warranty can be found here.

Please note: If your serial number includes a hyphen (-) please enter it with it (for example: XXXPL123-456789).

  • Module front side: the Serial Number is placed under the glass.
  • Module back side: the modules have labels showing the Product Name Code (PNC) and the Serial Number (S/N).
wdt_ID Serial number Warranty Module Type Pmax [W] Voc [V] Isc [A] Vm [V] Im [A] Power
1 DMGHBTR605208UM02831 30 AEG AS-M1202G-BDD-330 332.2300 40,98 10.1400 34,36 9,67 330
Serial number
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